Sri Pravan Paturi's Face

I am Sri Pravan Paturi, a software engineer currently building in-house tooling for a data engineering / business intelligence team at Amazon. My work can largely be described as full-stack development but I also do participate in the deployment and infrastructure management of our products.

Professionally, as a full-time employee at a company I have around 4 years of experience now. However, I learnt about programming for the first time in 6th grade and started seriously working on web development projects since 11th grade even making some occasional money from freelance projects.

I also continue to work on hobby projects like this website outside my work. This experience of building software both in and outside regulated environments has given me a more rounded view of building and maintaining software.

Currently my favourite programming language to work with both at and outside work is Typescript. Especially outside work, Deno has made it incredibly easy to work with Typescript.

Outside of software engineering, I mostly watch TV shows, movies and occasionally also play games on my PC or Xbox.

Recently, I have also been delving a bit into writing stories, mostly in English and Telugu.

If you want to talk to me, feel free to drop an email to